Thursday, 29 September 2016

It's always the children who are suffering..!

Why it is always the Children who are suffering ....!?
In Aleppo , it's an horror and a shame.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Wer're with you, Comrade Billionaires

Behind the 13 billions due to the Irish Govt , the Apple story gives me the opportunity to ask the following question:
Apple made a very good deal in Ireland paying only 2 percent ( and may be less) taxes instead of the already very incentive tax of 12.5 per cent but in return what is the advantage for Ireland...!? : "Employment "but for Irish citizens or for European citizens ..!?.
Answer:  "A lot of people working in IT firms in Ireland are not Irish but young European citizens"( and this is my analyse) ; so Ireland doesn't benefit directly to the deal and they paid a very high price to stay in Europe already ( and for decades..!)  saving Europe's banks. 
It seems to me that the 13 billions Apple money is legally and morally their.( I meant the Irish people).
Imagine : the amount of money could pay for 20 new hospitals in the country...!.
This is part of the analysis of Gene Kerrigan in the Sunday Independent today ( and above).

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Je reviendrai a l'automne

A mon pays..!

"Je reviendrai a l'automne "

Je reviendrai a l'automne, 
 Dans ce pays que j'aime tant 
Peuplé de fantomes 

Je reviendrai 
Et marcherai encore sur cette terre, 
De mon passé puissant ,

Je reviendrai, 
Et ferai rescusciter toutes mes 
Bonnes ou mauvaises mais enfin 

Je reviendrai , enfin guéri 
Et t'aimerai encore, 
O paysage de mon enfance, 

Vue du Mont - Chiniac et Lac de Devesset
               Saint Agreve

Saturday, 27 August 2016


Blé de champ,
Blè de vie,
Tu m`émerveilles;

De la semence et a la récolte
tu me séduis,
Champ de vie. 

Photo d`un champ de Dunboyne, Irlande,  fin aout 2016